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Ocean Science Consulting Greece (OSC-GR) Ltd is the Mediterranean branch of Ocean Science Consulting (OSC) Ltd, a marine science consultancy specialised in providing marine mammal detection, and noise risk mitigation services to offshore industries worldwide.

Competitive edge

OSC-GR benefits from OSC’s unrivalled reputation, comprehensive knowledge base, and extensive experience gained over more than a decade of supplying marine mammal mitigation services globally. With a proven track record of rapid mobilisation, an ability to reduce operational downtime, and achieving work targets to budget, OSC-GR’s safe and efficient work practices ensure clients receive the best service possible throughout all stages of the operation.

OSC-GR uses employees in the field preferentially, but has a recruitment database of >3000+ contractors from all over the world, enabling use of local personnel if required.

OSC is ISO certified for 14001:2004, 9001:2008, and OHSAS 18001:2007. OSC are also members of Achilles UVDB and FPAL.

Research & Development

OSC prides itself in investing ca. 80% of profits into scientific Research and Development (R&D). OSC’s core research is focused on the idea that some well-placed oil and gas drilling rigs and production platforms should be left in-situ at the end of their lifetime to become artificial reefs for marine life.

Alongside publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals (, in 2015 OSC published the first comprehensive guide to MMO and PAM, with the intention of improving industry standards worldwide. Available to purchase now, the Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook covers all aspects of the discipline within a single easily accessible resource.

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